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Things have been moving quickly, and the rate of change continues to increase.
Amid concerns that automation will lead to job losses across the country, the city of Santa Maria has installed these auto-panhandler machines collecting money for local homeless shelters. Note that instead of 'helping the homeless' you are helping 'stop panhandling.'
πŸ•³β› 🌱Becoming architect. πŸ’™πŸ’›
To those who are striving. πŸ•³β›πŸ’š
4th annual #worldwidewest summit on the theme of Ruin. We started planning just weeks after the election and the state that surrounds is heavy and unexpected... This year it was time to check foundations and think about maintaining and caring ...
Barn door is hung! 9.5' tall. Long time in planning, just a few days to execute. πŸ™Œ @thiswilltaketime progress.
100 amp service for the barn.
Doing an Art thing after a while of less formal Art things. Lucky to tag along with @xandreborg to Marfa.
Lover boss shot of tara, who needs mad props on her 27 bday... finishing up the year teaching 4 math classes at PA high school in addition to all her other endeavors. Not everyone knows this, but the school has ...
We finally rode Tara's bike up the coast to Point Arena. πŸπŸ†
New hole at @thiswilltaketime.
Oh hey @jennypostage! New product in the works @socialps 😍
That smell tho!
Print life. @socialps working a lot these past weeks. Heading north today tho for @jennypostage wedding! ✌️️✨
We got audited @socialps this year, but no sweat, u can still give the IRS paper documentation of your books when they come in. πŸ—‚πŸ“’πŸ“šπŸ—ƒ (thanks drew and team!)
If we did our jobs right, we'll have about 20,000 of these little cypress trees sprouting up in the next 2 months @thiswilltaketime.
From inside the new greenhouse. πŸ‘Œ
@socialps photoshoot
Self-help diagram.
@socialps push notifications... #dealwithit.
Everyday life.
Got up to some digging again this weekend. I have a good feeling about where this one is going. ⛏ @thiswilltaketime
Sorry, but yeah, @socialps has the best bday cakes! Happy latergram bday @animeshporwal!
Step-dad to be! @rogeliosegundo 😎
@socialps prints for @tinyatlasquarterly release party 😍 #mytinyatlassolas

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