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@poobearmdma: Balling in Bali !! Nobody’s ready for what happens next !! Journals !! Happy Birthday!!
ryanbutler: Young & Innocent
#justinbieber on the set of #funny or #die more photos on the link on my bio .
#justinbieber at #y-3 spring/summer 2014 #fashion show .
@mamabswag: Never stop praying for the ones you love. They’re in your life for a reason so hold on tight. #family
@justinbieber break finally .
Justin getting off his jet today in LA!
@justinbieber just landed super tired .
justinbieber: 3 bosses
The best thing belieber can experience is meeting #justinbieber and that what happened to this girl over here @itsmeleena , if u met justin comment and if u didn't comment too haha , btw this is @itsmeleena story :itsmeleena Yep ...

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