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Saturday nights used to be A LOT more adventure filled. #itslit
There was an incident last night with the deep fryer so I have been alternating all day between pretending I don't smell the odour emanating from my person and pre-emtively apologizing for said smell. 💨
Felt quite glam today in my crane print silk button up, vintage forties style heels, giant hoops, sparkle trouser socks and obligatory mom jeans. #👖
Uniform of mom jeans, cashmere & borrowed-from-the-boys footwear. All #thrifted.
Warming my belly with spicy Thai tofu & warming my soul with good friends.
I swear I don't "theme" #thrift on purpose. Anyone else?
#thriftscorethursday #thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday
When your dental appointment is not for another hour.
All the brown accessories today for the denim with denim; thrifted loafers, vintage RL sweater coat, costume jewelry & chocolate almond milk in my Funky Monkey 🍌
Forever thrifting. Forever digging. 💎💎💎
So this past weekend i discovered I do not care for Tim Horton's PSL but I do really enjoy a crunchy pickle. In unrelated news, I am currently experiencing some uncomfortable heartburn. 🔥🔥🔥
Another one checked off the #thrift wishlist ✔ Excited to share these four dollar vintage leather babies with @smalltownthreads and other lovely people showing off their #shoefie goodness using #fridayfeet
That face. That tail. And those fat little legs!
#thisiswhyihavetothriftshopeveryday #thriftscorethursday
Four out of nine meals this week have been pasta & I'm not really mad about it.
I like pre-loved things.
"look what I got at the apple festival" - my mother
I #thrifted this bath mat a few months back and though it doesn't fit our decor "scheme" and I wouldn't imagine myself choosing these colours in a million years it continues to make me happy. Also, it's really hot outside. ...
Watching Bladerunner for the first time. It's brilliant.
After reading @karin.rambo piece on her blog 'Truncation' about the importance of accessories I was inspired to bust out this scarf to jazz up my everyday white shirt. Note to self: add cute scarves to the #thrift wishlist.
@carynluck thanks again for letting me crash your party tonite! Dee is a star!!! 🌟 Oh, and those leftovers for tomorrow's lunch? Didn't make it fifteen minutes into Big Brother. 😉
Loki inspects Mom's #thrift purchases 2.0 #realcatshavecurves
I used to get upset with what was a seemingly endless and consuming number of "waits" in my day; waiting on uber, on friends running late, stuck in traffic, in lines, on food orders, for my next day off, book ...
Today's #thrift wishlist included a smallish purse and a basic belt so *obviously* I came home with some cereal bowls, a winter parka and this faux tortoise box.
And then I went outside and took off the blazer and it was no longer an "outfit" so much as "why are you wearing your nephew's tee?"
1. I personalized this tee myself.
2. This thrifted bomber is embroidered with pink flowers. Two strangers have offered to buy it from me.
3. Lists should always have a third thing a la my girl, Liz Lemon.
I #thrifted this rug a few weeks back. It was fifteen dollars and with coupons I saved fifteen dollars off my purchase sooooo...... Free!!! #boom 💰

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