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All Though It's Fall Cook's Heating & Cooling llc Installs A/C Year Round!
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Invest in a new high efficiency furnace before the weather takes a turn .
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It’s important to stay on top of repairs to keep your furnace running and to prevent total breakdowns. 
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Working hard this gorgeous Wednesday. Temps dropped overnight to 56° here in Fort Worth, Texas. 
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Many thanks to all the contractors & the JCI/ York Source 1 HVAC Center personnel for a very successful open house in Tulsa, OK. .
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410 Ton RTAF!  Beautiful machine.
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Friendly reminder that it's a great time of year to have your furnace serviced so you don't end up like this guy mid winter!!! Via @beacon_homes
Small burner Lab work. 🔥
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Mid week Spiral Ducting Installation.
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Oil Change Day! 
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No Heat Call!
I Wonder Why????
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This is what happens when the coil stopped and the static goes super high.
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Customer said unit was icing over and stopped cooling...and there's your problem. 
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Changing belts, checking pulleys and bearings, and cleaning some coils. Nice calm day inside. 
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#tbt a little throwback Thursday to the days .
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Switching an electric furnace to gas = threading pipe = playing with tools. 👍
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This bullhead is bigger than my car! 18 gauge aluminum project.
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I bet their unit smells good. 
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The installers need to tighten up their game!!
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Seven 125ton screw Multistack modules pumping out 875tons of cooling at a potash mine.
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How healthy is your environment?
It’s time to service your A/C system!! Via @advantage_cooling
Close to 6hrs of drive time to and from site. Easy day. 😃
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Boiler installation from today!
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Building management systems can improve efficiency and provide valuable data to help diagnose issues when they occur.
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Spiral duct drops through the metal ceiling.
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Uh oh! This is what happens when the garbage truck drivers doesn't see the exhaust duct.
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Scheduled tune-ups will increase your home comfort, help reduce monthly energy bills and can alert you of any small problems that have to be addressed before they cause irreparable damage. 
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Had to calibrate these boilers, learning a lot on the new job and loving it!!!
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The cleanest vans looked in months.
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This property has three 20 ton units in the back. 
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