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Totally my spirit animal. #swans #netherlands
Dreaming of the sun and longer days.
Oh Florida, you untamed beauty.
Oh Florida you are pretty, but way too hot #vacation
Swans, what else?
Walked a safe distance from this baby but made sure he stayed out of the road and got to his family. #swans #spiritanimal
Hot air balloons. Very popular here.
The next few days are going to be crazy work hectic. Glad I got to see these lovelies and have a relaxing evening stroll. How do you unwind?
For being such a small country it's decently diverse. #netherlands #denhaag to #wassenaar 14km day
Saw this mama with all these growing babies. #swans #nature #netherlands
Oh the colors of Fall! #red #berries
New edition to my favorite house! Baby pony, there's nothing cuter.
Rose in the lamplight.
Cathedral at Bentheim Castle.
View from the watch tower. Such a lovely town. Am I the only one who gets Disney songs in their head every time they visit a castle? #castle #bentheimcastle
Beautiful day at a beautiful castle! #burgbentheim #castle #germany
Sometimes all you need is a walk in the woods.
Dragons are my favorite!
It turned into a nice day. #ams #amsterdam
Didn't have nearly enough time to explore this pink beauty. Oh well, I have to go back. #düsseldorf
Days like this you aren't meant to be inside. Especially if it is your day off. I'll see you in awhile sunshine off to sit in a 8 hour driver's course.
Hello Düsseldorf!
Baby bunny who lives by the office. #netherlands #nature #amsterdam #ams
Pear trees minus the partridge.
Holland where even chickens love bikes. #netherlands #utrecht #chickens

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