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And the day continues on to the “Willie Mitchell Royal Studio Celebration” what a Saturday! #justgina #orpheumtheatre #memphisentertainment
This is what happens when your supposedly friend @hisgrace14 takes the picture and you don’t approve it until :30mins later. My bra strap is hanging and @sinbadbad said nothing. What ministry are they from? Certainly not mines. #justgina #ilovesinbad #carloscosmic ...
Mid-day cup of mint tea, my ritual to create. Be still and let it move you. #justgina #creativityrequiresstillnes
Mawnin’ looks like a grocery store run. Nooo Oatmeal. Ugh! This will have to do! 🤨 it’s Friday y’all!!
Thank you for all the good vibes you guys sent my way on my announcement yesterday! Now I need a favor for the Thanksgiving Holiday, take a look at my New Show for great, new Recipes and Conversations. You guys ...
Well the cat is out the bag and what better way or place to “meow” than Italy. These gorgeous ladies and I had such a blast on this journey; some high and some low. You will just have to watch ...
Ran across this graffiti wall and I thought this was so amazing with a wonderful message. This is why I #choose901. Can’t we all just get along in the world? Do we have to have chaos, disbelief and question things ...
Now me time ...Nails I love the green!
Shrimp & Grits, Sautéed Spinach and Shrimp & Crawfish Etouffee #yummy #yummicious #gottaeatyourspinachbaby #justgina 👅👅👅
Chargrilled Oysters 👅
Yes I know there are shoes, accessories and all that good stuff, but a smile does wonders not just for you; but it just might touch someone unexpectedly. Do you want to know how? My OWN smile just touched me. ...
Where can you have food, fashion, music, art and beautiful people in one room? Just ask Ford/Essence about this city of wonderfulness. You sponsor it and we will bring the hospitality. #justgina #southerngirl #talentliveshere
Okay this food was everything i expected it to be @chef_darthur you did that! Amazing, Outstanding, #foodporn #food #foodie #foodheaven
I’m winning all around. Got this cute gift for posting #myfordcity #good vibes
Memphis in the house!
#myfordcity #itslove
Me and my girls @terrannoir @tamtamrox hanging at #myford City
Enjoying #myfordcity @tamtamrox @terrannoir
Imjustsayin’ #justgina #justbeyou
Sometimes it’s better to just let “nature” take its course! Love these variations. Creativity at its natural state. #justgina #ilikethem #createandcapture
GMFBF: Now this is the ministry I am here for, some times people help you from a place of love but the minute something goes wrong or they feel wronged they want to send you a “tally” of what they ...

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