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One of our favourite boys just had his 3 year session! Spunky, talkative, and bursting with sweetness! This guy is bound to steal some hearts... .
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It's all in the details!
My favorite spot on Lake Placid with a gorgeous and truly kind couple. These are my favorite days at work.
Editing this beauty's wedding photos with a cup of tea and a great big smile. Absolute bridal perfection.
Some of the sweetest things come in the smallest packages. 🌸
That amazing moment when I finish editing a couple's wedding photos and I finally get to share their gallery with them! β€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ»β˜ΊοΈ
Sometimes I just need to stop editing and share... 😍
Some photos just steal my heart... this is one of those photos. ❀️ #greercicarelliphotography
Set 2 of 2 for our holiday minis this weekend. This one is big enough to accommodate older children and families. Again, we stuck with classic simplicity in our winter-at-the-farm design because we want you and your family to shine, ...
Set 1 of 2 for the holiday minis that are coming up this weekend. We took the clean and classic approach this year. I absolutely love it! Sunday is all booked up, but we still have a couple spaces left ...
Smiles for miles... 😍
If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? #ghostbusters
Have a safe and happy Halloween!
We were super lucky and got to spend our Saturday with this gorgeous couple! This photo was taken on the deck of the @theadirondackroom at @butcherblock_plattsburgh! Love it! πŸ’‘
This family and this black and white! 😍 I've been way into black and white lately! How about you guys? Do you like to see the world in classic B & W, or big bold beautiful colour?
Catching up on editing! Still very close to (and possibly a tad behind) my 6 week turnaround for 1hr shoots and 8 weeks for weddings, but I can't stop, won't stop, until it's ALL done! I'm giving myself the lofty ...
I've been editing with such a vengeance that I forgot to share. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ With that being said, here is some beautiful golden sunshine to brighten this dreary drizzly day. β˜€οΈ#engagementphotos #esesh #esession #greercicarelli #greercicarelliphotography #plattsburghphotographer #plattsburghnyphotographer #adkcoast #adirondackbeauty #portraitphotography
I seriously can't even look at this photo without smiling. This little sweetie's spunk and sass is captured just perfectly! A big thank you to @countrydreamsfarm for granting us permission to use their gorgeous property. πŸš™ #greercicarelliphotography #greercicarelli #plattsburghnyphotographer #plattsburghphotographer ...
When the snuggles and the smiles are equally perfect. 🌲 #greercicarelliphotography
I go through phases where I'm all about bright vibrant colour, and other times where only black and white will do. This photo was begging for some good old fashioned B & W. πŸ–€ #greercicarelliphotography
Couldn't help but smile the entire time these three were on my screen for editing. ☘️ #greercicarelliphotography #plattsburghphotographer #plattsburghnyphotographer #greercicarelli #familyphotography #portraitphotography #photoeditor
Peonies get me every time. 🌸 #greercicarelliphotography
If you leave a sofa unattended, we can't guarantee that we won't snatch it for a few moments. πŸ›‹ #greercicarelliphotography
Senior season is officially winding down, and what a season we had! So many amazing young people with so much potential. I've said it before and I'll say it again, with these guys as our future leaders, anything is possible! ...
We've been spicing things up in our studio with headshots and product photos for @secretspiceremedy! This locally blended spice mix is really yummy, but it's also good for you, which is where the "remedy" part of the name comes from. ...
This bride was seriously stunning. A truly beautiful soul inside and out. 🍁#greercicarelliphotography @barnatlordhowevalley

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