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People always think my glasses are a fashion statement. Little do they know, I cannot see without them. 🤓
📷: @virisayong
alright I’m content with this photo and I’m done posting for the night y’all be safe and don’t get into too much trouble 🤨 #notmyoutfit #nikkisclothesfitmeperfect #greatthingaboutbeingsmol #andhavinganequallysmolbff #bye #hashtag #inspired #potato #freewilly #potatosalad
objects in picture are shorter than they appear 🤫
having a mopey day where I don’t wanna do anything but stare at the ceiling but aye @womensbest bcaa came through though. Also, you can be a potato whenever you wanna be a potato. Ima go to the gym in ...
100% unedited natural photo of me. Prob will delete but just want to show that it’s ok to be yourself and not everyone is perfect xoxo. #beyourself #truetome #unedited #perfectlyimperfect #progress #selflove
*shows up to event*
*has 2 drinks*
*takes photo*
*gets swag bag*
*goes home*
But seriously, @glamglow put on an epic event at the GLAMHOUSE.
off to go watch funny people be funny with @nadeemhamidy & btw this is my new favorite emoji EVER 🤨 lmao suspicious af
but are you as extra as me at football games.... yea, didn’t think so.
Filming a Q&A for the channel! Be respectful of certain topics pls. Ok - have at it! Ask ur questions down below 🤷🏻‍♀️🖤🤓
JEEBUS CHRIBST. Such a badass workout to start of my Saturday w/ @mackfit & @hannahstocking. This was my second session w/ him & it was badass to see how much improvement I’ve made since the last time. Only going up ...
finally all moved in to the new apartment! Yes yes hello Hollywood. So far my only complaint is that the dog run is trash. How do people not pick up poop after their dogs man dafuq. Literally my last dog ...
Bet you know dem feels when you gotta PR tho 📹: @nikkiblackketter
bye bye downtown - hello hollywood 🖤 empty apartment tour going on the channel tonight! 🤓
Janet Jackson & unimpressed friends @rileyfitzjarrellmartin
I used to be a super dependent person. I wasn’t really happy unless I was in the company of my friends. That’s all changed lol. Don’t get me wrong... I LOVE my people. They’re amazing! 🤗. But I genuinely LOVE ...
🌜goodnight ya wild animals 🌛
you didn’t deserve to die in a Riverdale ok. @trevor_stines
Boohoo x Galore Mag really know how to put on an event. 😍 as usual, brought my favorite sissss @nikkiblackketter. Always such a blast... thanks @boohoousa for my lovely dress 🖤
the best type of arm candy 👯🍬
this sky deserves to win an award right now
it’s Sunday & instead of sleeping as one should on a lazy Sunday.. I have woken up at 7am to the sound of howling & cheering. There is a race going on. A full blown marathon. WHY MUST U DO ...
it’s me and a potato in the form of a dog ❤️ @womensbest
yesterday was a happy athleisure day for me. I found literally my new favorite leggings that I think have ever existed on planet earth - yes even more than Lululemon I think.. Like they’re squat proof & flattering & great ...
doing fun astronaut type stuff w/ @shuapeck #hugmebrotha #drazmineandjosh #videocomingsoon 🤓
keewwwwwlllllllll - it’s Friday!
Thank you so much @utafoundation for hosting me tonight at the #fuerzamexico event! Tonight all Latinos band together to show support for the victims of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Mexico. No matter what country, no matter how much ...
Soooo last night was pretty epic. I shot with my girl @virisayong for a few hours and forgot that night I was invited to the Pretty Little Thing x @kourtneykardash launch party. She showed up. She was glowing. It was ...
Out here looking like I got abs I don’t actually have yet & @womensbest vanilla protein for some post workout gainssss. TODAYS WORKOUT WAS BOMB. I got to workout with @mackfit & omfg... literally what on earth. That high intensity ...
day 1
HAPPY MONDAY! Did you catch that there’s a new vlog on the channel? Today I have an even more exciting message though. As you all know, I’ve been working with @womensbest the last few months here. Today I’m stoked to ...

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