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We met at a concert
You were drinking Kava...🎶
Flash back to #aluballin last weekend w/ @iration @fortunateyouth310 @throughtheroots and the sold out crowd @jannuslive 👏🏽👏🏽 Kava time!
Tanoa drop! Come get these beautifully crafted Acacia wood tanoas @grassrootskava 👏🏽👏🏽 Bula!
A lot of TLC put into this bag of Fijian Waka 👏🏽👏🏽
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When your pops from Fiji 🇫🇯
Some of the World’s finest Coffee also grows where Kava is farmed. #brewyourbalance with the Patented AluBall. Start your day with cold brew coffee and end it with Kava. ☯️💚✌🏽
Make relaxing shells of Kava on the go when you really need it 🤙🏽 📷 @808hanky
Over 80 million people in the US carry around a symbol of Kava culture and don’t even know it. Kava is literally engrained in US history with the Ava bowl (Tanoa) being featured on the 2009 American Samoa quarter. Check ...
The best time to plant Kava was 4 years ago but were making up for it with our buy one plant one AluBottle sustainable farming program. We’re sold out now so we have a lot of planting to do 👩🏽‍🌾🌱 ...
Mahalo to @nakamalathome for the Kava samples. We made good use of it this past weekend. 👏🏽👏🏽 Amazing high quality root. Be sure to check them out @nakamalathome
More kava more bula!
The mix was Tongan Supreme 👌🏽 #aluballin
Rise and Grind. Our team down in ‘Eua, Tonga is busy planting our second phase of our sustainable Kava farm this week. This lot will serve the expansion of our nursery by providing thousands of Kava cuttings so that more ...
Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink Kava. @schwarzenegger 📷 @hidestar13
Da terminator drinking kava (traditional Fijian drink- grog) @COP23
Two bowls of Kava bc Monday 😎
📷 @craigsdsmith
Sunday hangover, this Kava! Shoutout to the motherland of Tonga for the historic 🏉 win this weekend. #teampoly #tokouso
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Round two. Some @Kavafied #kavatonga. This should melt me into the night. Check out my review of ...
Our family farm back in ‘Eua, Tonga is very motivated by the recent mainstream media attention Kava has received. The ripple effect of the exposure @espn has blessed the industry with goes far beyond the root. The spirit of opportunity ...
Kava is the root of peace and happiness and it is our goal to share it with the world one shell at a time. Grateful for @espn to share our founder’s testimony on Kava.
AluBallin with a cause! Our AluBottle Kava maker buy one plant one program will help sustain the Kava industry for generations to come. More importantly, it will help create many job opportunities across the board in the South Pacific.
Brew your balance with the patented AluBall. Rise up with AluBall made Cold Brew coffee then end your day with relaxing shells of Kava made quickly with the AluBall Kava maker. ☕️🍵
Let plants be thy medicine and medicine be thy plant. For thousands of years, Kava root has been used by Pacific island cultures for it’s stress and anxiety reducing properties.
The things that happen when you run out of Kava 😱
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I know my dad won't be too happy with me storing my bone in his Kava bowl but it fits well!!
Aluball Kava Party 👏🏽👏🏽
Kava is a family affair, and Raymond was not going to miss out!
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Kava Supreme kinda night. Is the weekend here yet?
Too much Monday, not enough Kava. 👨🏽‍🌾🌱
Kava, any place, any time! What kava is everyone drinking tonight?
📷 @bruce_el_tongano
Grow Kava grow 🌱 Every AluBottle purchase funds the cultivation of a Kava plant on our family Kava farm in ‘Eua, Tonga 🇹🇴. These babies are almost ready for the field where they’ll spend the next 3-4 years.
🚨 Restock Alert 🚨 We pulled some strings and got a quick shipment in of the new AluBottle Kava Maker. Always have a shell to drink your Kava out of when you AluBall.
Our family Kava farm is growing quickly, including our young Kava helpers. 🙏🏽 to all our aluballers for supporting our kava initiatives in the Kingdom of Tonga.
🙌🏽 If you took advantage of our Boolaween Sale and got your Kava ready for the weekend!
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Thanks @kavafied for this bula-ween treat! You guys went above and beyond on the treats! Now my wife has her ...
On the 2nd anniversary of the AluBall we’re finding our balance with the introduction of our AluBall single serve cold brew coffee maker. ☕️🍵 At opposite ends of the spectrum, coffee and kava throughout the day combine for the perfect ...
Kava ready for game 7 of World Series ⚾️ Who are you rooting for?
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