Luís Octávio Costa | @kitato

We anchored in Preguiça (Laziness) and slept on the boat 😊 Good morning ☀️⛵
S. Salvador do Mundo
See you later Alter do Chão
We could have hit the bullseye
Fly over you
Up up and away
You made us feel like one
Can you imagine that slice of time?
Feel the hunger grow
There’s a tunnel underneath everything you see
No shadow, no stars, no moon, no care
Walk this road in the same direction
Time to go
We drew a map to a better place
There's no place like home
The world will adjust
"Of the wonderful things that you get out of life there are four."
"Sometimes we don't do things we want to do so that others won't know we want to do them."
We have agreed never to go back. Never
Autumn fog
Gourmet train experience 🚂
Wainting for The Presidential (gourmet train experience)
Early birds takeover. Back to back with @joao.bernardino #mastersofceroulada #ceroulada
Big heart
"Laughter arises from a certain fundamental absurdity"
Régua (ruler) 🚂
Life is like a journey on a train 🚂 What an adventure on this historical steam train up the Douro with some friends 😊
I wish I could be a serene sea

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