Maike_VanB | @maike_vanb

🌷I keep flowers in my hair because you never know when someone needs a little compliment🌷
⏺️I can't see your future....⏺️
☕Everyone is Mad here☕
Sometimes everything seems so empty
🌌I'm sending thoughts your way🌌
⭐Just look at all these opportunities⭐
📖 Designing the cover for the tv-series presentation bible. 📖
🔴This is my place🔵
Night life 🌚
Do whatever you want.
🐺 made with the moldible gum of A friend 🐺
🌍And it rocks to be here🌎
I will forget again.
😇 God in his piyama 😇
Choosing the colors for God for An animation about the apocalyps.
👽aliens live among us👽
💁 Doing new things is scary but not impossible 💁
She's a lady of classe
The magic door woooooOOOooooo!
🐍Snake woman has dreams🐍
🌈 it's safer where i sit🌈
Sometimes we need to acknoledge our inner dragon so we can calm him down, kiss him and say: "it's ok, i will protect myself. Thanks for showing me where there is possible danger. You can rest now, I will take ...
Making animation for fellow student aka: i must work hard and quick ánd good because school is like: "Hey, want to suffer? Here are 6 things i want you to do all at once lol haha, good luck!" But all ...
Inktober 8: "This one is pretty self explanatory..."
Inktober 7: "I'm scared of getting older, waisting time, missing out on life, not using my youth to the full potential. We are waisting time by worrying about waisting time instead of just living in this time. Now is the ...
Inktober 6: "We can often feel used by the people around us. You're trying your best to be a good friend/ daughter/ son/ husband/ etc... and they treat you like the toilet paper to wipe their ass of! Where is ...
Inktober 5: "We are often afraid to look ourselves in the eyes. To see our weirdnes, flawes, kinks, desires. We rather ignore or avoid than confront our mind with the fact that we aren't perfect. We are able to hurt ...
Inktober 4: "Losing our teeth is a bad dream many people experience, but since this is a vampire, you can imagine it's like losing your income/job/pride. Without his teeth, he might feel like he lost a big part of himself. ...
Inktober 3: "Most pets have a short lifespan compared to the human who loves them. Let's be honest, how many pets have you already lost in your whole life?"

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