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🎶Someone's gonna die🎶
On the far-right you can see a first glimpse at Zari's costume in #legendsoftomorrow season 3. Thoughts? Suprised? Love it? Disgusted by it? It's Just a tv show? Probably. Also who is she #alsowhoisshe
Which Superman do you like better?
When you have to slow dance with your cousin.
Everybody grab your boys it's time to start a boy war.
T T Big Boy
This is actually art
After seeing that Lego Batman/ Arrowverse promo spot by the CW I just want to see Will Arnett play a live action Batman on TV
QOTD: Who would you want to see play batman in the arrowverse?
(2/2) Comparisson pic between the original artwork and a CW version of Rebirth Wally West
ft. K.J Apa from Riverdale -

Let me know your favourite Fancasts in the comments, it's been awhile since I've seen some fresh ones
(1/2) K.J Apa as Rebirth Wally West!

For those who don't know, K.J plays Archie or the new CW show Riverdale, and lots of people have been fancasting him as Wally west. What do you guys think? He certainly has ...
Pretty great week to be a DCTV fan.
Don't talk to me or my son ever again.
There's something about the CW... They never show a perfectly symmetrical team up shot, it lightly fucks with my ocd every time. I mean it makes sense, why would a group of Heroes be standing still in a perfectly Mama ...
Remember when the best live action Martian Manhunter was that guy on Smallville with the green shirt? I don't miss those times
San Fran baby boy
When you ( )
Super Friends hanging out in front of gooey light holes
Preparing for the God dammit Barry memes to return (sad face)
Comparison pic for the Billy Crudup as Jay Garrick Fancast.
Again, my main motivation for this fancast is just that Billy Crudup has had the perfect about of grey hair to be Jay Garrick for a while, also I ...
Billy Crudup as Jay Garrick! -
I don't have much to say about this fancast other than that I like his hair. -
Let me know your DCEU Fancasts in the comments!
(Prepares for some genius to tell me ...
Kara introducing Clark to the gang -
From UltraSargents CW Justice League Fan Edit Special that came out today on YouTube. Check it.
Karl Urban as Batman from UltraSargent's new CW Justice League Fan Edit,
Go to UltraSargents channel on YouTube, to watch the fantastically edited fan-edit special
Tom Welling in the Superman suit facing off against doomsday, from UltraSargent's fantastic video: CW's JUSTICE LEAGUE - Fan Edit Special (Fan Made) -
Go watch it for some great stuff
WhEn bAE I$ CaM3ra shy 📷
(2/2) Adam Driver as Eobard Thawne
Let me know your fancasts in the comments, especially if they take no skill to photoshop, I have a special interest in these ideas.
I did two other Adam Driver Reverse Flash ...
(1/2) Adam Driver as Reverse Flash!
Let me know your reverse flash Fancasts in the comments, or better yet, your Adam Driver fancasts! Because he's great isn't he.
I used one of @bosslogic 's old Wally west artworks ...
CW Young Justice Superhero Fight Club 2.
What a wordy title.
Would you like to see the CW produce a team up show like teen titans or young justice featuring young characters from all of the shows?
If so, ...

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