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When was the last time you took it upon yourself to plan everything and take her on a date? Weeks… Months… Years…? #husbandandwife #love #faithfulman #couple
What is your church full of? #faithfulman
So much of what we desire in marriage is in our own hands. #faithfulman #marriage
How safe is your wife's heart today? #faithfulman
Family night out! @club31women
It's easy to get comfortable with being mostly faithful. We tell ourselves we would never commit the big sins … Adultery… Not a chance! But my thought life? That doesn't count quite as much, does it? Yes, it does. God ...
No Bible and you'll never know what God loves or what He hates. Have you read your Bible today? #faithfulman
Date night with my woman! Nothing better.
Faithful Man @dalepartridge preaching on prayer at Tumalo Bible Fellowship today. #faithfulman
Do you say you love your spouse? How patient are you with them? #marriagewisdom #faithfulman #100waystolove
"Your kids need to know that you value them and that you want them around. They know that you love them. Your kids need to know that you LIKE them." #homeschooloregon #oceanconference
Aaron Meyer rocking the Faithful Man t-shirt! @biblejam #faithfulman
When a couple grows in Marriage Wisdom, their marriage grows deep, close, and strong. Are you enjoying the marriage God intended for you? Please check out Lisa's and my new "His & Hers" books, Marriage Wisdom for Him and Marriage ...
Instead of telling yourself you just got dealt a tough hand in marriage, how about taking responsibility and put in some work! #marriagewisdom
Is your Wife convinced of your love for her? #marriagewisdom #faithfulman #100waystolove

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