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I got into school late but while walking in I hurt my knee somehow and now I can’t walk right nice
1 like=1prayer for my knee because I can’t find my knee brace :,(
If jesus was real, he’s gorgeous;
that guy in the back looks pretty good too
this is my fucjkign instagram
Goodnight!!!! ♡
ross your australian is showing
I was watching the sonic boom let’s play on game grumps last night and it was the funniest thing ever -🐞


im havign a really shitty time with everything so if I dont post much within the next week or so im sosososo so sorry rip
over 1,000 people liked my last post again lmfao why does this happen
Its happened for like 2 of my other posts now aha
thank you
I've been watching Game Grumps a lot over the break and listened to Under the Covers Vol 2 so have a @danny__avidan .
#danavidan #dannyavidan #danielavidan #dannysexbang #gamegrumps #ninjasexparty #fanart #vxydraws
I love finn and im really happy hes really tight w my favorite boys
Im on the last season of BoJack horseman and im really sad because i really like it
pretty mans
Good boy mr. clean
After I got home my day got pretty good so I’m feelin aight right now 👍🏻
Rocket Man - NSP Get the album here: http://bit.ly/2zp1yO7 Stream it on Spotify here: http://spoti.fi/2im5nIW Watch more Super Guitar Bros here: https://youtu.be/auj9J2bKbvY ...
daniel avidan-vine edit can i just say i really fucking adore this guy my twitter: https://twitter.com/calmfischbach.
Undertale Ep. 22: Sir Daniel Avidan lol don't mind my brother hes an idiot lol he also happens to be the onwe writing this lol sub to him please.
Best of Danny of Guild Grumps heres the little danny moments that made us laugh during hard times or whatever.
Game Grumps: Danny Era (Continued from Duzz) Includes all Steam Train, Grumpcade, Steam Rolled, VS, One-Offs, and every bit of laughter that is the "Era of Leigh Daniel Avidan" and Grump & Co. Continued ...

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