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RepostBy @bizbrunei: "While most of Temburong winds down after 9pm, @abumartaskitchen.bn is one of the few who continue to serve.
Run by retired teacher Abu (R), affectionately called cigu by his regulars, alongside with his wife and four of ...
We're out! See ya in the A.M.!
Blue skies, warm sand, fish+chips & the fine Doctor ☀️💦🐟🦐
She want that wedding food!! @shal.enterpriselife #theenterpriselife #enterprise
"This is the Saratoga moving to intercept"
An updated version of the Miranda Class from Star Trek
Are you a fan of the Miranda Class
Created using 3DS Max 2017
#startrek #enterprise #tos #tas #tng #ds9 #voy #ent #kirk #spock ...
🎂 Grant’s Sesame Street Cake 😍 5 Layer Rainbow Cake & Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter-Buttercream - The greatest stuff on Earth™️ 😉🤪 #cakesbychaeli #customcake #rainbowcake #rainbowlayercake #sesamestreet #sesamestreetcake #elmocake #buttercreamcake #lasvegas #lasvegasbaker #enterprise #summerlin #henderson #centennialhills #lovewhatido #entrepreneur #cakelady ...
"One big happy fleet!" The Reliant approaches the Enterprise from Star Trek
What is your favourite Star Trek movie?
Created using 3DS Max 2017
#startrek #enterprise #tos #tas #tng #ds9 #voy #ent #kirk #spock #bones #khan #revenge #happy #big #space ...
Hey everybody I wanted to take a moment to show you brand new service in the Garnerville NY area. .
@digitaltuneup is your local expert to EVERYTHING mobile.
From 📲 repair ,
to 💻 cleanings
🚨 alarm installation, 🆘software ...
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#repost @cherishing_handmade
YES WE DID 10 prizes to giveaway ✖️Follow us 💓
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Imperial Star Destroyer VS the Enterprise E PART 1 Okay, here it is guys the Enterprise E from First Contact, Nemisis etc... vs an Imperial Star Destroyer commanded by Darth Vader, who will win? Subscribe to ...
World of Warships - Enterprise Review - NERFING German Battleships FINAL review for the USS Enterprise CV-6. This carrier is the first one in the game with access to AP bombs. These bombs are effective against battleships and ...
Star Trek Enterprise - Borg Hunt Season 2, Regeneration Consider using our amazon link, it helps us out: http://bitly.com/2pVwRLd Join The Forum I Made To Talk to You Guys And Take Your ...
The Forgotten Enterprise - The First USS Enterprise NCC-1701? This is the first USS Enterprise? It has the NCC-1701 registry number, but it can't the the actual NCC-1701 from either the Prime or Kelvin timelines. It appears in ...
Star Trek Enterprise Season 01 Extra - Bloopers Part 1 Consider using our amazon link, it helps us out: http://amzn.to/2pVwRLd Join The Forum I Made To Talk to You Guys And Take Your Request: ...
Star Trek Enterprise - Hoshi loses her shirt while trying to save enterprise hoshi finds herself in a situation.
Why Living On The Starship Enterprise Would Actually Be Awful If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Grunge One would think that space travel would finally have been more or less figured out by the 24th ...
Star Trek Enterprise - The Borg Attack Consider using our amazon link, it helps us out: http://amzn.to/2qdy012 If you guys have any request for videos put it in the comments below and i'll get to it as ...
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft - Enterprise First Test Flight - worth seeing NASA's modified Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), has come a long way since it first took to the air in the 1970s as an American Airlines passenger ...
U.S.S Enterprise CLL-1701 The U.S. Navy launches the first Enterprise into Space. http://www.pierre-drolet-sci-fi-museum.com aka U.S.S. - Jefferies Project.

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