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Calories started being tracked today! Gotta get ready for that beach!!
Jess catching her Vitamin D earlier on today, doing some variation of the sun salutation!
Menu for week 4/2/18 is up and open for ordering!
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#184daysofhappy #day184 I've found one of the keys to successfully hitting my macros is getting creative in the kitchen! This is pizza made with a fiber one wrap, fat free cheese and @beyondmeat "chicken" strips. Macros for the whole pizza ...
When my older sister buys me Disneyland tickets for my birthday!! CELEBRATE! I love Disney so much! But I love the fact that I can spend time with my sister! She moved out and lived abroad for 3 years and ...
Completely written of after today’s leg session, took nearly 2 hours to get through but some solid PB’s taken to. 205kg x 6/6/5/6 today which is the most I’ve ever lifted for reps.
I’ll admit I do get a ...
POWER SYSTEM Schoko Nougat Crunch Protein Bar
10g Fat / 26g Carbs / 28g Protein
•Super chewy and dense
•Kinda dry/GRAINY (bet it’s old)😒
•Sweet (cured sweet tooth) - ...
Burrito with homemade salsa 💃🏼 and Greek yogurt 😋 #yum #tacoobsessed
There are 16 weeks until @uspapower nationals in Vegas. My main objective for the meet is the same it always is: to win. However, the challenge will be staying within myself and sticking to the plan during the prep. This ...
If only this burned more calories...
(We'd both be really skinny @gltorresjr) haha especially you lol .

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Preface: these are not the only things that are important when benching but these are 5 things that have really helped us & athletes we’ve worked with.
(1) Wrist Stability (2) Shoulder Stability (3) Arch (4) Proper Bar Path (5) ...
CARBS AT NIGHT 🥖🌙 // what happens when you eat carbs at night? Time to break this myth once & for all! ⤵️
❌ your body stores them as fat b/c carbs are the enemy.
❌ your body stores ...
I've been having the bread I made and @funkynutcompany Easter egg butter every night this week with tea before bed ❤ This nut butter is SO GOOD... And my bread is pretty class if I do say do myself 😂

from @bachperformance - Protein Sources by @musclemonsters
Protein is a molecule that is made up of a wide variety of amino acids. Some of these amino acids are the building blocks of muscle proteins. Some of those “building blocks” ...
For a lot of people work/life balance is nearly impossible. With so many of us torn between juggling heavy workloads, relationships, responsibilities, trying to stay fit and healthy, can become extremely stressful. And that’s not balanced or healthy!
Rushing ...
Happy girl. Slow and steady back into my programming. I really missed training. Taking the time off to focus on rehabbing my injury was definitely needed. It'll take time to actually fix the problem but I'm so so much better.
Healthy snack anyone? Vegan muffins banana oats chocolate, yummy 😋
The Power of Green
2 cups spinach
1 Apple
1-2 cucumbers
1 stalk celery
1/2 lemon, juice of
Pinch of Himalayan sea salt
1 bottle water
1-2 cups ice

I usually eat my veggies but this refreshing drink is a ...
@grenadeofficial Cookies & Cream carb killa 👌🏻👉🏻 Probably the least chewy one I’ve had, very soft with nice crunchy bits 🤗 Still not as good as the cookie dough tho 😛
#iifym #fitness #fitfam ...
How to Get the Body You Want With Flexible Dieting (2018) My bestselling books have helped thousands of people build their best bodies ever. Will you be next? Click here to get started today: → http://geni.us/yourbestbodyever You can also find...
IIFYM (If it fits your macros) vs FLEXIBLE DIETING | Are they the same? Are... In this video I talk about IIFYM vs Flexible Dieting. Many people ask if IIFYM or If it fits your macros is the same as Flexible Dieting. Many also ask if IIFYM is different than Flexible Dieting....
Flexible Dieting CHANGED My Life -- Full Day of Low Carb Eating It's almost Christmas!!! Good luck to those of you entering this video's Target gift card giveaway! The winner will be announced on my Instagram story Saturday! Questions about flexible dieting?...
IIFYM FULL DAY OF EATING | Feat. Flexible Dieting Lifestyle (Zach Rocheleau) Meal Plans & Online Coaching - http://RemingtonJamesFitness.com ▻10% Off Purbolics Supplements Use Code “RJF10” at http://Purbolics.com/ ▻10% Off OutHSTL Supplements Use Code “RJF10”...
I Tried Healthy Cheat Meals (feat. The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle) This week I spent the day with Zach (aka The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle) and he cooked me up some mouth-watering cheat meals after our morning training session. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubJordanS...
Cooking for CrossFit Games Athlete Alison Scudds! (AScudds) | Flexible Dieting & CrossFit Talk Cooking for Cross Fit Games Athlete Allison Scudds! In this video we cooked for Cross Fit Games Athlete Allison Scudds and we also talked about Flexible Dieting in the Cross Fit Community!...
Flexible Dieting | IIFYM Diet Dieta flexible | Dieta IIFYM I heard a lot of questions about flexible dieting and I wanted to address it here very briefly. If you want to have pizza in your diet, you have pizza!! Escuché muchas preguntas sobre dietas...
Weigh In, Drinking? & Flexible Dieting 🍏🍕 | VLOG FOR ALL DA INFO OPEN ME ♡ Stay in touch with me ♡ Instagram.com/Alvajay Twitter.com/AlvaJvelasco Snapchat: AlvaJay Munecascloset.com Hello hello :) hoped you guys enjoyed the vlog,...
Flexible Dieting Lifestyle White Chocolate Oreo Cookies & Cream Protein Frosting Recipe! Macros for Entire Bowl: 145 Cals 15g Carbs 0g Fat 23g Protein Ingredients: - 227g Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt - 8g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix - 3g Zero Cal Sweetener...

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