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How to Play Ganja Babe by Michael Franti How to Play Ganja Babe by Michael Franti from Chocolate Supa Highway. Step by step tutorial. Lyrics: Ganja babe my sweet ganja babe / I love tha way ya love ...
Micheal Franti - Ganja Babe I wanna make it slow Sensemille I wanna make it slow Make me feel ya Heavy medicine ya see my eyes are feeling red again I'm bringin' light like Thomas ...
Ganja Babe - Michael Franti (Eight Twelve acoustic cover) Vocal/Guitar- Sudip Khadka Lead Guitar- Manish Khadgi Cajon- Ashis Maharjan.
Marijuana- Ganja Baby lyric Marijuana (Ganja baby) lyrics video..
Ganja Babe - Paris A cover of a song by Spearhead called Ganja Babe. All instrumentation is done by me as well as all the singing and no autotune (that much is probably obvious ...
Michael Franti - Ganja Babe (Bass Boost) Enjoy the Sounds ✖ Subscribe For More ✖ Lukas Hertz.
Ganja babe - Michael Franti cover 'The wheater's hot, Good time for pot, Wow, my head is lost'
Ganja babe cover Petit cadeau à l'attention de Mana, Vera et Tahu.
Michael Franti And Spearhead - Ganja Babe Cover Session Casa Papa Acoustic Cover of the great song "Ganja Babe"
Ganja Babe with lyrics Ganja babe-spearhead/michael franti.
Weed Songs: Michael Franti - Ganja Babe Smoke up & enjoy! Don't forget to Subscribe for more Weed Songs!
COBWEB Live in Melbourne - Ganja Babe (cover) COBWEB performed live in Melbourne on Sunday Feb 20, 2011 as part of their Project Namaste Australia Tour. Through their performance they showed why ...
Ganja Babe Ganja Babe, My Sweet Ganja Babe.
Ganja Babe - Michael Franti (Lyrics) the title explains it. leave comments & tell me what you think :] thanks for the 5000+ views!
ganja babe - Spearhead What can I say about this one...uuuuuummmmmmmm.....I'm feeling dizzy, getting the phat beats...the original hard assed funky version from ...
Michael Franti & Spearhead-Ganja Babe (good audio) VIDEO STARTS AROUND :30 Spearhead live at the after party for PTTP 07 performing Ganja Babe **FYI..this is not the original audio..I over dubbed the ...

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