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Big Horn Brass plays "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (opening) This short piece, perhaps best known for its use as a theme in "2001: A Space Odyssey" was recorded at the Spring Concert on May 18, 2014 at the First United ...
What if you found me Band version of "What if you found me"
Lost in my mind Full band version of Lost in my mind.
Heros, Gods, and degenerates Full band version of Heros, Gods, and degenerates.
Pour some sugar 2 The 2nd part of "Pour some sugar on me"
Pour some sugar 1 The first part of "Pour some sugar on me". It got cut into 2 different parts but you get the idea.
Want you to want me A pure staple of FnC. We have played this song EVERY SHOW we have ever played. Crowd pleaser and everyone loves this at the end of the night. Farewell ...
Sweet Child FnC playing "Sweet Child O Mine" for a good friend and relative that passed away that day. RIP Ryan Dingess. Farewell show.
Paralyzer & BYOB FnC rocking out Finger 11's Paralyzer with BYOB by Systen thrown in the middle of it. NYE 2012. Farewell show.
Fuck You FnC playing everyones favorite "FUCK YOU!" by Cee Lo Green. NYE 2012. Farewell Show!
Bulls & CFH Bulls on Parade and Cowboys from Hell @ On The Rox NYE 2012 show. Fitzwell n Ciders farewell show.
Bulls on Parade Fitzwell N Cider playing bulls on parade by Rage Against The Machine at Caddies in Columbus IN.
Walk/Killing in the name... FnC performing Walk and Killing in the name...
Stinkfist/sober FnC performing Stijnkfist and Sober by tool.
Spaceship FnC performing Spaceship by Puddle of Mudd.
Remedy/Blue Monday FnC performing Remedy with a snip it of Blue Monday threw in. Live @ Caddies.
Mustangs Take 1st Place At Starlight Parade. Milwaukie High School Mustang Marching Band takes 1st place at the 2011 Rose Festival Starlight Parade. The Mustangs have taken 1st place for 7 ...
FNC LIVE BREAK.MP4 Fitzwell breaking shit down live.
want you to want me live A crowd favorite. Had to pulls off some Cheap Trick.
Lay me down live.AVI Another track from our show with Hanging with Murphy. If you haven't checked those guys out yet, you should. Great song selection and great band, Hopefully ...
Sound of madness live.AVI From our show with Hanging with Murphy April 16th Our opening song.
idea2 breakdown this is the breakdown for the newest song idea we started working on. no guitar on it becuz collier was video taping it for us. this song is gonna be badass.
idea1.AVI The beginning of newest song we started working on. Still a big work in progress but it also has a bad ass breakdown that is part 2 of this idea. haha if you look ...
brand new.AVI Brand new tod. (or whatever the band is called) song we wrote just today. The practice was killer. This song needs tightened up but its gonna be a really sweet ...
Careless Whisper.AVI Our version of Seether's "Careless Whisper"
Misery_Business.AVI The band featuring Brandy Boyd doing Misery Business by Paramore.
Break.AVI A cover of "BREAK" by Three Days Grace. The bands getting better. Check it out and let us know what you think. Personally I was pretty happy with this video ...
Practice 2-21-10.avi Craig Day, Mike Collier, Greg VanWinkle, Harvey Adams, Drew Hardy New band rehearsal.

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