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August x December
They so goofy😇😍
Always be supporting her man😍💎✊🏽
😍T H R O W B A C K😍
Credit: @rumiyonce
Nike Air Max 1 Liquid Gold Limited Edition 💰💰💰
This outfit was cute🦄
💰Style 1, 2 or 3💰
💎T H R O W B A C K💎
Credit: @thecarterroyalty
😍B looks so beautiful in these pics😍
🌹Destiny’s Child dresses🌹
💖Destiny’s Child pink costumes💖
Blade & Soul [EU] Temple of Eluvium | Hive Queen / Julia | 12Man | BM Tank PoV Quick showcase of our group doing Temple of Eluvium's last boss Hive Quuen (Julia). This was our 3rd clear, couldn't get a proper recording before this week. Next week video will be about...
Temple of Eluvium - Hive Queen (Boss 4) - Soul Fighter Second kill on Hive Queen in Temple of Eluvium taken from my live stream on twitch. Servers were extremely laggy tonight due to the ddos attacks so it wasn't pleasant but yes I am using earth,...
[Blade and Soul EU] Vortex Temple/Temple of Eluvium - Julia/Hive Queen Warlock PoV (Second clear) [26/10/2017] Our group's second clear of Hive Queen. We had to sub in a couple people, since two of our usual raid members were unavailable to join.
KFM Tank PoV, Frenzy Raid 2 Temple of Eluvium - The Hive Queen First day trying on Hive Queen as KFM tank with Frenzy Raid 2.
[B&S] Vortex Temple Hive Queen (Julia) BM tank 2160p 【100-70%: no CCs】【74-40%: 3stuns + 1kd + 1stun 2:12】 【49-0%: 2stuns + 8kd 4:57】【gear and stats: 10:22】 The video is too long, use 1.25 speed to watch this xd.
[1st FR] Hive Queen Zulia 12p | POV BM TANK Désolé pour les petites coupures, bug de record.
Ark Aberration Demo - HIVE QUEEN vs DINO ARMY! NEW FISH TAMING! - Gameplay Ark Aberration Demo - HIVE QUEEN ☑ Click the "BELL" Next to SUBSCRIBE to catch every episode! ☑ Follow on TWITCH! - NEW Ark Annunaki Solo Series!...

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