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how to get The Jeffy puppet as cheap as possible Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android.
How to make an SML Jeffy Puppet! Part 3 Sorry for the lack of uploads guys, but I am back for part 3 of how to make Jeffy! :)
Jeffy puppet review So this is the review of the Jeffy puppet.
SML Movie: Jeffy's Piggy Bank! Mario gets Jeffy a piggy bank to keep his money safe! Buy Jeffy's song "Why?" Follow on instagram!
Unboxing of SML Jeffy. Nathan will be SMN Subscribe! Subscribe! Nathan has down syndrome and loves the SML channel. He has wanted a Jeffy puppet for a long time and has lots of Mario, baby bowser, and other ...
Jeffy Puppet UnBoxing! Yay! It's finally here. It came sooner than I thought. My mom tricked me, she's sneaky!
My Jeffy finally came, unboxing After a month of waiting my Jeffy puppet arrived.
Jeffy puppet give away along with $200 All u have to do is subscribe and when I get 200 subs I will do the give away peace :D.
My jeffy puppet I made this jeffy puppet from super mario logan.
SML jeffy puppet unboxing! I would like to give credit to evelinka for creating this authentic jeffy puppet as she did make the original. I am so impressed with how it turned out, this is the 7th ...
SuperMarioLogan wants to use my Jeffy Puppet Replica! I was looking at feedback of my Jeffy puppet, and I found out that SuperMarioLogan left a comment on my video with some exciting news! Replica and SML ...
How to get sml puppets in stores If you don't know who sml is there this really funny youtube channel that do puppet skits and all that go check UM out : ) sorry for no audio but you should know ...
Jeffy unboxing jeffy Unboxing jeffy is getting opened and all my plushes here and giveaways!
CHEF PEE PEE ...UNBOXING VIDEO Hi everyone, here's an unboxing video of Chef Pee Pee ! Hope you like it.
Micheal Ward Tries to Bid For a GEVO on ebay but lose the bid to... I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( That is What you Get For Many Reasons 1. Closing Lines down and Laying ...
Puppet Closet! Here is a look at my closet full of Puppets for videos! http"//
Snowbelle ebay puppet Here she is cute lovable Snowbelle the Polar Bear and ready for someone to take her home. I will have her up for sale on eBay Monday evening. Just go to the ...

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