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They’re on borrowed time anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️. Eat yourself into an early grave, i don’t care, just don’t make me pay for it. -------------------------------------------------
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No hard working man or woman that has made something from himself/herself after living in this great country would prefer socialism 🇺🇸 ____________________________
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Dang. That freaking dog is braver than I am. 😂😍💪🏻🇺🇸

#military #usa #maga #awesome #k9 #overseas #planes #army #winter
(She lives in a legal state) submitted by @elackbmily probably the best trump Smokes Mids post yet. #apparel #screenprinting #screenprinted #screenprint #public #publicprinthouse #buds #cannabis #kush #tshirt #clothing #clothingbrand #clothingline #smoker #maga #trump
If you were wondering, I dont agree with this womans truck decal, but itd be hypocritical to say she couldnt do it. It was her right (1st amendment) to do so. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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CNN is FAKE NEWS ...well, to be fair ...PROPOGANDA ...not news at all! #maga
Abe couldn't be more correct about today's society. These snowflakes only see things through their own way that they see fit and that's what's ruining this country very slowly.
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From over the summer: A riot cop and a riot horse, with matching face shields. Standing between Trump supporters and protestors at the "America First!" rally in Laguna Beach.
Jota Júnior e A Maga em Tambaba [Agora é Hora – 14.11.17] Amanda Maga e Jota Júnior foram para a Praia de Tambaba na Paraíba. O babado é que a Maga não sabia que lá só pode entrar sem roupa!! Se liga na ...
Teoria da Branca de Neve | Pergunte a Maga Aproveita e se inscreve no canal e clica no sininho para obter notificações, por que no dia 15/12/2017 ás 19:00hrs vai haver uma live épica do canal!
Abraham Mateo, Farruko - Loco Enamorado | Coreografia - A bailar con Maga y Shansho Bailamos la coreografía de Loco Enamorado de Abraham Mateo, Farruko, Christian Daniel con la participación especial de Shansho // Aprende a bailar la ...
You Can't Stump The Trump Volume XXXVII (1 Year of MAGA) It's officially been 1 whole year since Donald Trump won the presidency and eternally stumped the establishment. Here's to 7 more years!! Be sure to check out ...
DESAFIO DE BAILE CON ADEXE & NAU | A bailar con Maga (Sólo Amigos -... Desafío de Baile con Adexe & Nau donde me retan a bailar Sólo Amigos y ellos deben aprender mi coreo de Andas en Mi Cabeza. Suscríbete a ambos canales ...
Joey Montana, Sebastián Yatra - Suena El Dembow | Coreografia | A bailar con Maga Bailamos la coreografía Suena el Dembow junto a Fran Silva y alumnas de la clase especial en Street Flow // Aprende a bailar la coreo con el TUTORIAL: Muy ...
Angry Student STEALS MAGA Hat from Classmate, Demands He Be Punished An enraged UC-Riverside student named Edith Macias stole fellow classmate Matthew Vitale's MAGA hat and then proceeded to rant and demand that ...
Student steals MAGA hat, demands victim be punished Read the story here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on ...
Walking around COMPTON in a Trump MAGA Hat for Unity | DC_Draino Some men see things as they are and say "why?", I dream things that never were and say "why not?". I made this video to send a message to Cultural Marxists ...
Mayores - Becky G ft. Bad Bunny | A bailar con Maga (Coreografía) Coreografia de Mayores de Becky G ft. Bad Bunny en la clase especial en Escuela de Danzas Supernova // SUSCRIBETE ;) // **CLASES ...

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