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some people post super cute instas with their significant other, and I’m just over here taking pictures with my plants... #longdistance #butnotforlong
I'm slowly learning to become as resilient as my plants. To understand times of scarcity and plenty, to sit with the unknowing of sunlight or cloud, and be eternally grateful to be sitting where I am at all. Here's to ...
January 1st isn’t the only time you can reevaluate your habits and start incorporating new ones. Up on the blog I’m sharing five new habits I’ve started incorporating, with probiotics and hot lemon water becoming my new go-to gut choices. ...
my saturday winter essentials ❄️ @glossier balm dotcom for all of my chapped skin needs, endless cups of @yogitea, and enough greenery to keep me hopeful that spring is around the corner
#plantbabies #plantgang #houseplantclub #mindbodygreen ...
I am 100% okay with growing trees indoors.
💚 YES!!!! Weer een certificaat erbij! Orthomoleculaire voedingsleer alvast in the pocket 😃 Nog twee modules te gaan (én een examen 😊). Ook al over de helft met de medische basiskennis. Hij gaat lekker!! Blij 🥚 🎉 ☺️
#orthomoleculair ...
Currently: enjoying the little things.
A coconut latte at a highly sought after cafe with a treasured friend; my Saturday happy spot.
Healthy lunch during the kPNI-courses in Bonn with our partner @kpniakademie 🐟🥑👌🏼
Trying out the @pantone colour of the year with some bookshelf lavender. Check out my other Ultra Violet picks up on the blog 👾🌂🔮
#canadianblogger #instastyle #ambhappylife #thehappynow #theeverygirl #bbloggers #pursuepretty #livethelittlethings #feelfreefeed #creativepreneur ...
I'm thankful for the sunshine as much as my plants 🌿 Go check out the blog to read up on how I balance productivity with the lack on sunshine (or merely how to combat the struggles of working a day ...
As someone who cherishes sunlight, I'm learning how to manage with the darkness and overcast weather Calgary has been experiencing lately. On the blog I'm chatting about how to get more done with less daylight, how how to work with ...
After just completing the most complicated and frostbite inducing kijiji exchange, I am home and in serious need of some warmth.
Add essential oil to diffuser, turn it on, and breathe.
[read the other 13 ways I quickly de-stress through the link in my bio]
Enjoying my desktop essentials as we start another workday ✨ Happy Tuesday!
I'm a succa for plants 🌿
Up on the blog today I'm talking about my desktop essentials. I find myself at a desk often (mostly at home and sometimes at work) and there are a few things I've come to love by my side. Check out ...
A new plant but a throwback to an old post 🍃🌵 This new addition came over the holiday break, but you can check out my blog to read up on some of my favourite Calgary spots to buy plants. [Hint: ...
Happy 2018! ✨ A new blog post just went live where I share the four things I'm doing to embrace hygge in my home. With the weather (and my old apartment windows) I've been feeling the chill and I'm using ...
"I want to run after truth and beauty and loveliness."
My last blog post of the year has gone live, and I'm talking about my New Years resolution. As a lover of this "holiday," I'm taking back ...
I am constantly learning. I have felt the complete spectrum of human emotion (from overwhelming disappointment, unbelievable gratitude, and pure joy) in the last hour, as life continually teaches me more of how to be the person I want to ...
The OJ hasn't helped me kick this cold yet so I'm switching between tea and water in the meantime. What are you most used cold remedies?
* when you feel that cold about to hit *
Up on the blog you can read about my love of hexagon jewelry, the necklace [and country] that started it all, and why I'm talking about the 6 dimensions of wellness. Also, I am 158% ready for it to be ...
Today I convocate from the School of Public Health with my Master in Health Promotion. It's been a surreal two years, and something my eighteen year old self would never have imagined. I was a fine student, but a certain ...
Very tempted to glue a red pom pom to this guy, and add to my small amount of Christmas decorations. What do you think?
Have you checked out my latest blog post about settling into my apartment? It's been a year of trial and error, and it's finally starting to take shape into the cozy space it is. I've also increased my plant number ...

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