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Supervisor Setup How to set up a supervisor in Kronos.
Timecard Approval Overview How employees and managers approve timecards in Kronos.
Employee Timestamp Overview How to timestamp at the beginning and end of employee's shift. How to approve timecard at the end of the pay period.
Employee Timecard Changes and Approval How to make changes to your timecard and how to approve the timecard in Kronos.
Transfer Hours How to transfer hours for an hourly or salaried employee in Kronos.
Navigating in the myTime System Basic navigation through the new myTime Kronos application.
Detailed Timecard Approval How to approval timecards from Pay Period Close genie.
HyperFind Queries How to create, modify or delete HyperFind Queries in Kronos.
Employee Schedule Setup How to set up an employee's schedule in Kronos.
Retroactive Wage Calculation How to historical correct a base wage and pay the employee in Kronos.
Adding Historical Corrections to a Timecard (Back Pay) How to Enable Edits and make changes to an historical pay period.
Changing Employee's Primary Labor Account How to change an employee's primary labor account in Kronos.
Creating an Employee Record Creating a new Kronos employee record in version 8.0.
Kronos Employee Training This video is about Kronos Employee Training.
MyTime/Kronos Sparrow will soon be implementing a state-of-the-art electronic timekeeping and scheduling system.
Kronos Training: Hourly Employees A screencast for Pasadena City College hourly employees on the Kronos Time Tracking System. This tutorial shows you how to log in to Kronos, punch in and ...

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