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QOTD 17 - Particle Based Beings (1st Place) Queen of the Deen 2017 winning edit and also winner of the viewers choice award.
S B O G QOTD 2017 Team S.B.O.G's edit for Boarderlines Queen of the Deen 2017 comp. Featuring Ross Mathew, Bushy Gary, Liam Dargie, Petay Franz and Glen Wood.
QOTD #66 What If Do Not Know How To Swim? Hey! Make sure you follow me on my Instagram for cool behind the scene of the work life balance of a sailor! https://www.instagram.com/yoon_ho_kim/
QOTD 2016 leftovers An edit from our queen of the deen leftovers this year.
TEAM SWEG - QOTD 2016 Fimed edited by mikey hazzard. Seb,Andy,Mikey,Filipe.
QOTD: Top 5 battle rap SLOGANS. Unbias Review gives his Top 5 battle rap slogans.
QOTD: Rank Jersey Unbias Review takes a look at the Top 6 battlers in Jersey and asks you to rank them.
QOTD: Does the Crowd ruin URL battles Unbias Review takes a look at the crowd at URL battles and do they hurt and help the battles.
Qotd Style Just a clip done on the beach!
Slept So Long Lestat [QOTD Soundtrack] Bueno aqui subiendo mi versión traducida de la canción Slept So Long de la pelicula de Queen of the Damned. Con subtítulos de mi estilo... una de mis ...
QOTD: "He Threw Away My Birth Control" Subscribe! Watch my SL/strawberry letters for more. Buy my book: "The Dating Game" here: http://amzn.to/1D4E4WO Kindle Version of my book: ...
My First Kiss Story w/ QOTD Long time no see! Sorry this was late, my computer was having probs. I made this a few weeks back and decided to post it. Answer my QOTD in the comments ...
QOTD - Gag Reel Queen of The Damned Gag Reel - May upload a better quality one soon.
Theatres des vampires (QOTD) another Queen of the damned MV. to my mind it looks quite good. what do you think?

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