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O.M.G this Antique Dresser Refurbish was a doozie. All of the wooden drawer glides were damaged,the whole thing was pretty wonky and not to mention it was covered in red paint so I thought It was the perfect opportunity to ...
With daylight hours dwindling, light up your space with some antique lighting! 20% off these pieces and more for a limited time at our booth in the @syracuseantiques 🕯 #syracuseantiques
Affordable before and after!!
34$ for everything ! Found the bench and shelving at #valuevillage!!
There's a fun fact! 💚💙🌱🌏
✨ANNUAL WAREHOUSE SALE! ❌Absolutely everything will be reduced & must find its new forever home! ✖️20% off Fireplace Inners
✖️20% off Doors ✖️40% off Lighting ✖️30% off Windows✖️30% off Selected Furniture ✖️20% off Bathroom Products ✖️20% off White Goods ✖️& ...
Soft winter light creating a serene environment in this great reclamation yard
#reclamation #reclaimedtimber #salvage #salvagedtimber #salvagedfurniture #secondhand #ruatic #countrylife #antique
Antique Vintage ornate pressed metal door plates with handle $49 plus post or local pickup available Auburn #door #knobs #vintage #collectable #decor #deco #sydney #rustic #forsale #buynow #architecture #architectural #photooftheday #salvage
Twilight picking. Just loaded up the van in an 1800’s patchogue home. Some really cool antique architectural salvage and furniture. Doors, windows, antique rough sawn lumber, antique bead board.... will be available tomorrow at the Red Salvage Barn in Jamesport. ...
2013 👹truck diesel 4x4 stoker 15k #salvage #usaicapital
Thinking garage storage...message Chuck on Facebook if interested. #reclaimedsalvage #salvage #rs #lockers #storage #garage
We are so excited for the changes happening! Out with the old and in with the awesome! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 .
Here's just a little sneak peek into the completely renovated new home of Salon Head Candy coming ...
When you have to come in from off the coast to make a dive and pump out the fuel of a boat that’s sunken at the dock😑 #commercialdiver #salvageDiver #salvage #km37
Gotta Love a massive ice cube! #ice #iceland #blacksandbeach
Monday #monkeypod madness these beauties were salvaged locally on oahu, we are looking forward to opening up our mill to the public for wood sales mill demonstrations in the coming weeks. #pitmove #jjcustomkoa #salvage #wood #woodworking #ilovewood #art #salvagedwood
With #thanksgiving coming up it has us dreaming of leftovers....these beam drops will hold us over for now! What a great way to use those extra inches?! What do you think?!
🌹New Arrivals🌹
LV Handmade Salvage Collection With Swarovski Crystals •Large Earrings $29.95 2”•
•Large Necklace $34.95 2” Pendent 18”L• Teardrops $24.95 2”•
—-> To Purchases Leave Email For Invoice (NO DOT COM)Or Follow Link In Bio
Looking for a specific item?
Let us know! Email us at
#reclaimedwood #diy #salvage #reuse #recycle
Repairing the Salvage Domino's Pizza DXP Car Engine Bay *Will It Start?* The donor car gets dissected and we transfer the parts to the DXP rebuild! Can we finally get this thing to start??? Email: Instagram: ...
How Much I've Spent on the Salvage C6 Corvette Grand Sport Rebuild Project *Really Cheap* This is how much I won C6 Corvette Grand Sport for at salvage auction, and how much I've spent on all the parts I've purchased for rebuild. I think it's gonna be ...
Shoreline Scavenging And Kayak Salvage I need a new paddle. Or at least a old paddle that still works. Buying one would be boring so I figured there might be a good chance that I could scavenge the ...
The Salvage SPORTS CAR Project Has ARRIVED! (and was dropped off in the middle of... Another new salvage rebuild project for the channel is here! To WIN The Dash Camera: 1. Be Subscribed to the channel 2. Like this video 3. Drop a comment (all ...
Does this Salvage ROLLOVER Audi S4 STILL RUN? A viewer sent in this Audi S4 at Copart wondering why the tach is actually reading 1k. Is it possible that a car like this can still run? Copart Listing: ...
Want to Rebuild a Salvage Maybach? One door will cost you $20,000! I bid on (and luckily lost) this Velvet Wrapped Maybach 57 a few months ago. After doing some parts hunting, I found out that most of the parts cost more than a ...
[ SHIP WORLD SERIES ] MARINE SALVAGE PART 6 Marine Salvage is the process of rescuing, repairing and refloating ships, its cargo and crew and other properties from unforeseen imminent peril. Ships salvage ...
Galantis - Salvage (Up All Night) ft. Poo Bear Galantis - Salvage (Up All Night) feat. Poo Bear ✘ Spotify: ✘ Facebook: Yay new Galantis album - while I did like ...
Galantis - Salvage (Up All Night) feat. Poo Bear (Official Audio) Galantis - Salvage (Up All Night) feat. Poo Bear #SEAFOXNATION We're proud to share our brand new album THE AVIARY with you!!! The Aviary represents ...
[ SHIP WORLD SERIES ] SALVAGE SHIPS - GROUNDING - TOWAGE Rescue and salvage ships (hull classification symbol ARS) are a type of military salvage tug.They are tasked with coming to the aid of stricken vessels.

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