Self sabotage

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A little #selfawareness, a little #lonely, and a lot of #confidence in #buildingtrust... Still feel #alone as Christmas/New Years approaches. :(⠀
"Lonely Star" by Matt Vaillette⠀
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In the words of Ludacris... “Move Bitch! Get out ma wayyyy” 👋🏼
For realzies tho.. don’t get in your own damn way of being GREAT! ••••
Cheers to the #freakinweekend 🥂
I'm very excited to be a presenter for the 2018 Happy New You online summit! I will be one of many presenting on topics that can help you create the best life for you in 2018 and beyond. Watch my ...
No matter what your struggles are, you CAN do it. You know why? Because the only thing standing in your way is YOU.
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Grudges destroy you. A grudge can travel from your feelings into your organs. Allowing such a destructive way to be to hinder your health and your well being is a choice. Find your heart in all situations and you will ...
Truth bomb 💣💣
Remind me again, Why are you sitting back and allowing yourself to settle in life?
When in your heart there is this deep fire 🔥 burning for more.
When you know you’d be more challenged, more fulfilled, ...
Whether I feel like I'm self sabotaging or I feel sabotaged...I try my best to keep my mind focused on the end game. What are my goals? Are they goals that will help me towards my #pursuitofhappiness? #positiveselftalk is what ...
Yesterday, I came home from work and turned on the Christmas tunes and got to coloring my Secret Santa's bag. Yes, it's both a gift bag. And a coloring page. All in one. Double whammy. .
Holidays can be ...
THE REAL SABOTEUR IS YOU | Who and what sabotages our dreams? 🥀 Find the full blog post on how we often get in our own way by following the link in the BIO 🌷
Historically, when it's #cold, I stay inside. Been braving the weather several times a day—for walks, library, etc. It may be nasty (or "stimulating") but it certainly makes you appreciate the #warmth and #safetyofhome .. .and honestly, I am #lonely ...
This message will self destruct.
Is Mercury in retrograde or what? Full disclosure I'm not completely sure what that means, all I know is the funk is real. I can't quite pin point what is putting me in a funk, I think it's Impatience. Feeling ...
Feelings Friday: What feelings are you sitting with today? Can you tune into your body a few times to notice and name your feelings? Open up to your feelings. What are they trying to tell you? Remember feelings are transient, ...
So... I’ve #maintained !!!! 🙌🏻 No idea how I’ve managed that but I’ll take it! Slightly pissed off with myself Cos if I hadn’t eaten so much chocolate, I def would have had a good loss this week! #selfsabotage I’ve ...
Have you listened to "Busting The Supermum Myth: Does She Really Exist?" with Anya Hayes yet?
Click the link in my bio and look for Episode 102, or go to
It’s day 4 of #baredecember. Something I can do better is be consistent. I tend to give up easily. I often give up before anything I do has a chance to succeed. Of course, this causes me to fail a ...
Let’s be honest, as women our mood 🙆🏻is quickly determined upon waking in the ☀️morning.
I call it our FIRST IMPRESSION! -
Many times the simple act of stepping on 🤦🏼‍♀️the scale, looking 🙈in the mirror, or ...
Yesterday I posted about how the quality of your thoughts determines your “happiness”.
But how do you actually re-program your thoughts? 🤷‍♂️
I had a client named Jessica who would consistently self-sabotage herself.
To be honest she ...
I just have one simple question: How do people hold on to their happiness? How do they not self sabotage? How do they *not* screw things up? Fine, that was three questions…
#selfsabotage #selfdoubt #anxiety #mentalhealth #thoughts ...
Yesterday, on my way to work, I was listening to an interview with Deepak Chopra. He was, obviously, talking about meditation and mindfulness and was answering a question about how to stay in the present moment.
His answer: ...
What Mothers Do by Naomi Stadlen was recommended by Anya Hayes in Episode 102.
Click the link in my bio and look for Episode 102, or go to to find out why this is Anya's favourite book

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