Stand atop saintsports star

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Elder Scrolls Online: Hidden Treasure (Stros M'Kai) - Guide / Locations This quest takes you on a very interesting treasure hunt. You need to follow the directions and solve several puzzles on your way to finding the loot. Screenshot ...
Elder Scrolls Online. Izad's Treasure. Got the Izad's Treasure quest? Unsure of what all this means: "Stand atop Saintsport's star And spy the eternal sentinel Skirt its gate to reach the shrine ...
The Elder Scrolls Online Pt. 13 - The Star of Saintsport (PC) Welcome to my unassuming walkthrough of The Elder Scrolls Online. In this futile attempt at online entertainment I will attempt to make you laugh and cry.
ESO: Izad's Treasure Quest Guide A quick guide to the quest Izad's treasure, found in Stros M'kai. Some of the points can be a little vague so I thought I'd help!

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