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The Soul Of The Universe in One Day (24 hours exposure) ~ It’s Time to Wake Up, to Free Your Soul !Namaste #fsq85ed #soulnebula #astrophotography #takahashitelescope #pixinsight #universetoday #space #outerspace #nightsky #astrophoto #astronomy #telescope #nightsky #astro_photography_ #thegreatarchitectoftheuniverse
Chamaeleon Cloud Complex A Starforming Region in the Constellation of Chamaeleon #astrophotography #namibiansky #moravianinstruments #takahashitelescope #starforming #stars #darkclouds #ccd #astronomy #astronomy #deepsky #deepskyphotography
NGC 2070 The Tarantula Nebula is a large emission nebula located in the southern constellation Dorado.

The star-forming region lies within the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a small satellite galaxy of the Milky Way and one of the nearest galaxies ...
Waiting. Poplar Bay, Pigeon Lake Alberta #takahashitelescope
UNBOXING 10Micron GM2000 HPS II Here's video made from various picture I took while unboxing the GM2000 from 10Micron It is a beauty! Superb craftsmanship, awesome performances.
Telescope FOA60Q was released! [タカハシ天体望遠鏡の新製品紹介] Takahashi Telescope released FOA-60Q in Japan. (高橋製作所は新作の天体望遠鏡FA-60Qを日本で発売しました) ※Video in English with Japanese and Spanish ...
[Saturn now!] June 15, 2017 0:53A.M. 土星が衝です!雲の切れ間から撮影しています。晴れていたらぜ観察してみて下さい。シーイングは悪化しましたが、普段の環より明るいらしい...
Saturn Real View from Amateur Telescope [English version] This video shows real view movie and astrophotography taken by μ180C of Takahashi Telescope from Japan.
TAKAHASHI FS152 TAKAHASHI FS152 - Testing my new moving platform so that I can measure out to out of wheels so that I I can figure out the width of the door to its future Shed.
Rotator for TSA-120 Rotator for Takahashi TSA-120 with CAA. Uses geared stepper with arduino control.
Daniel talks about the Takahashi Mewlon 250 & EM200 Mount Daniel Mounsey aka, Doctor D gets into the serious side of telescopes and explains all you need to know about the Takahashi Mewlon 250 and EM200 Mount.
私の天体望遠鏡はコレ!タカハシ ε-180ED(My telescope) PILOTFLY ジンバル 電動スタビライザーのショップを立ち上げました。 http://pilotfly.shop 新星景写真・星野写真など天体写真関係の画像処理DVDはこち...
Unboxing Astro-Physics 130mm F6.3 GTX Grand Tourismo Telescope Detailed video showing un-boxing of an Astro-Physics 130mm F6.3 GTX Grand Tourismo Telescope, Rings and Dovetail Mounting Plate.

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