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12 years gone got but his matches and passion for this business will last a lifetime Eddie Guerrero thank you for putting on matches that we will never forget. #vivalaraza #thankyoueddieguerrero #ripeddie
Looks like the beginning of a new Tag Team being formed between @cheese_510 and @bigmikenjpw
@cheese_510 all day with both members of the Worlds Cutest Tag Team @joeyryan and @candicelerae #wctt
Phillip and former World Heavyweight Champion “The All American-American” @realjackswagger
Phillip with one half of the “Worlds Cutest Tag Team” @candicelerae she is an outstanding wrestler #trailblazer #wctt
Phillip with a @njpw1972 monster Big Mike @bigmikenjpw such an awesome talent one of a kind performer
@tessa_blanchard and Phillip at the @allprowrestling cow palace show
The Champ is here!!!!! Congratulations to The best in the business today @ajstylesp1
New episode up as Phillip breaks down what we will and might see at WWE TLC tomorrow night.
Thank you again to @bigtimewrestling for letting us have Shane Kody sit down and talk with our host Phillip one more time we keep learning so much more about the business.
Thank you again to @bigtimewrestling promoter Kirk White for coming in and allowing Phillip the honor of interviewing him. Interview up soon.
We know we are a little bit late but Happy Birthday to the late great Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero. The former WWE Champion that thought us how to Lie, Cheat, and Steal. Thank you Eddie R.I.P. we love and miss ...
Go on YouTube to The Bullet Cast YouTube channel and watch our interview with @ajkirsch great talk with this guy. Also shoutout to Cody Rhodes in the background. #gamechangers
Thank you once again to @allprowrestling for letting us interview their Internet Champion and our Internet King @karlfredericks_bgc you can see the interview on our YouTube channel: The Bullet Cast, but seriously @tripleh give this guy a call. #gamechangers #toosweet ...
@offthewalther @cheese_510 we coming up in the world. #gamechangers #toosweet 🤘🏾
Jeff Cobb cool guy.
John Morrison put on a clinic tonight.
@offthewalther @cheese_510 #gamechangers
One of the greatest reactions in the business today #wweraw #nomercy
A man that changed the game of the business we all love so much. It didn't matter if he was on commentary or at ringside managing someone he was magic, nobody was or ever will be worthy of the moniker ...
Go on twitter and answer the question best answer wins the Giveaway and gets The Bullet Club T-Shirt.
Today will forever be a day of remembrance of those who lost their lives in 2001, it is also the day this man one the top prize in his profession the WWE Championship. #neverforget #remeber911
The poll has started this is the first step in the Giveaway of a Bullet Club Shirt
Quick thank you to @bigtimewrestling for putting this on their Facebook page it really means a lot to us. #gamechangers #thisisouryardnow #toosweet 🤘🏾
BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! Big Giveaway #2sweet #gamechangers #thisisouryardnow 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
What a moment

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