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What I like about film photography is that it's all about the decisive moment. Or well, it allows you to a couple of extra steps to choose a moment. This was taken one night in Taipei, on the way back ...
that's nice
All the lonely people. Taiwan, 2017. Fuji disposable film camera.
Lost an election, won at life. Happy birthday to one of the best surprises of my life, @nadineyramos! ✨ Love you!
Trying on anger instead of sadness for once. Might work better. (via @mariussperlich)
Thought I'd memorialize my Princess Caroline outfit from last Saturday: mean cat eyes and her fur balls guised as earrings. #ootd #fotd (I mean, I manage eyeliner this sharp only once every nine lives.)
Clothes maketh the woman, but the woman buyeth them, so what now? #ootd #peggylolson
My trip to Taiwan last week marked the year I told myself I would stay put, try to get roots, try to fix my life, adult finally, etc. I may or may not have become depressed in the process. I ...
"Rei doesn’t compromise, nor should she. No one should compromise. Compromise makes people dull.” - Alexander Wang on Rei Kawakubo

"To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, the ability to ...
no rainy no windy no sun
Seriously surprised! Find you a tribe who sees (and encourages) the best in you ✨💪✨ Thank you, @serioussstudio!
(Wouldn't even dare to even try emulating @annstreetstudio, so imagine my surprise when I walked into this makeshift studio during lunchtime! ...
I don't think you're ready for my belly. #vickyvacay (Heading to Taiwan for da 🎂 weekend! Anything I should check out for my round 2?)
"To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul." - Simone Weil
"[He] impressed upon me the importance not just of history, but of roots—that the writer must have them to nurture, ...
Have been trying to transition to a more neutral palette, but today I'm reminded why I bust out the bold brights—so many ates loved the breezy @benchtm dress and my beaded tassell earrings! It's been so gloomy lately so I ...
fragile things
Is it really #nationaldogday? Spent time with the dogs at the @lagunapitbullsmanila sanctuary, and here are some of the beauties that I met: Blossom, Geisha, and Amigo. I met sooo much more and I love all of them and would ...
in the mood for
"I was excited to be part of your world, to belong, to be lost, to be mostly the two of us." @wearphoenix Merci beaucoup, mes choux.* Á bientôt! (Thank you for playing my forever song, If I Ever Feel Better!) ...
Amigo ain't mean, though he's a mean catcher (a regular firebrand at fetch, I tell you). He ain't fierce, though he's a fierce lover. This pupper is definitely a keeper. Visit him @lagunapitbullsmanila, if you're looking for a forever partner. ...
Today I watched Baby Driver and I wouldn't mind ridin' dat 😉 (For real tho, is it too much of a conceptual jump to say the only thing it lacked was Lana del Rey)
i REALLY don't know anymore, man. #manicmonday | throwback to Bali 📸: @theresalune
Am I Trying To Catch The Waves, Or Are The Waves Trying To Catch Me (aka me and Sunday evenings) [📸: @deanemiguel]
You get a gold star 🌟! You get a gold star 🌟! You get a gold star 🌟! || Realizations on the way to lunch with @kookiesantos, who did the design!
Sometimes windows are walls. Lol.
A Virgo who looks (and feels) like a Leo | Back in Manila, missing our villa. #sadnu
Like a coconut popsicle on a hot summer's day (low-key stalked @deanemiguel because why not)
The #mmda can take a cue or two from Balinese urban design. #beyondaesthetics #seriousbali
red jumpsuit apparatus (which i will live in and get awarded the nobel prize in and get married in and be buried in)

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