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I just felt like walking.
Delightful night at @contrany. Delightful, what a nice word, feels like velvet coming out of the tongue. Thanks @fabianvhv, brilliant!
Strong feelings
My first runner’s high, a few weeks ago
Winter is here: Batman meets Steve Jobs 🏴
That was cold. Thankful for the beard ❄️
Bacon cooked in jambΓΊ with caramelized Brussel sprouts. πŸ₯“ by @bazsam123456
Poise, charm and grace in his timeless black couture 🏴
Steak tartare πŸ–πŸ”ͺ
Happy place πŸ–
Done. Next!
CrΓ¨me brΓ»lΓ©e in a marrow bone. Brilliant πŸ–
Coming Soon: Zambrano Ceramics Collection
Burning bridge
Tomorrow is already here
Picanha with cachaΓ§a de jambu at 55Β°C for 2 hours, finished with butter, garlic and thyme πŸ–πŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ…
This is David Goggins. You should know about Goggins. Watch his interview β€œHow to Make Yourself Immune to Pain” on YouTube. You are welcome. πŸƒπŸ»
17.1 miles mark of 27.4 today πŸƒπŸ»
George Washington Bridge, the turning point πŸƒπŸ»
Safety second
Glazed and Confused
Learn whatever you want
2017 Work & Co Outing
To dream the impossible dream / To fight the unbeatable foe / To bear with unbearable sorrow / To run where the brave dare not go / To right the unrightable wrong / To love pure and chaste from afar/ ...
Blow torched tuna belly (yuzu, cilantro, mint, soy sauce), roasted veggies (Brussel sprouts, bok choy, red onion, garlic) 🐟🌳🌱
🚣🏻 S u n d a y

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